Top bike vacations

Have you ever thought about going on vacation and getting some rides in? Or would you want to plan a vacation specifically around riding at a cool location?

There are several ways to approach vacationing and riding when far from home. We will start to break down options and hopefully uncover resources that will help in planning.


First thing when planning is to determine a budget.

Ride type

Road rides, Mountain bike or Gravel rides? There are also options for those not as hard core where you can ride Hybrid bikes or eBikes to make the rides a bit easier.

Vacation Types

Are you looking to be in a bike tour with everything provided for you?

Rent a bike or bring your own?

High end tours


One of the top bike vacations inGama website inGamba Facebook


These tous are often featured on Frances Cade's videos. They seem like very large events with large groups of riders and some great non riding activities.

Our classic event format of tempo group riding in seeded speed groups means no one rides alone, and you’re riding with people of similar ability. Each group is supported by an experienced and dedicated support crew so you’re never alone on the road. If you’re riding in one of the faster speed groups you can choose race for leaders jerseys and age category awards in the timed race sections each day, or if you prefer a more social ride then our slower groups focus on the endurance nature of the events in a fully supported environment.

Hotchillee website

DZ Nuthouse

Commit yourself to gravel. Run by Dave Zabriske. Ride on gravel roads in and around Calabassas Caliornia.

Q: How hard is the riding? A: It's pretty tough. The Santa Monica Mountains are very hilly. There are lots of climbs, some of them are quite long. Also, because of the mixed terrain there is a level of fitness and bike handling required. Be prepared to handle a 60-70 mile long day with about 8,000ft of climbing.That being said, this isn't a death march or a competition. We are riding for fun and will keep everyone together.

DZ Nuthouse website