Welcome to Grupetto

I've had the domain for a while. The natural thing to do was setup a site with funny cycling memes. That never really materialized. One day it finally hit me. We need a place to make sense of all the ways you can ride bikes in far off places. Sometimes even with other people.

On a recent trip to Italy I did not bring a bike or rent a bike. The local roads looked amazing for riding, but my trip was family focused Plus, there was not time to do the research to figure out where to rent a bike.

A few years earlier I finally decided to rent a bike when visiting Florence. It was an amazing experience. I was able to ride the same roads as the Florence Worlds Road Race.

While Florence was amazing I had a tough time finding the best places to ride. Luckily I asked around and cobbled together some good rides. But I felt like I missed out on some really nice roads.

I visited Los Angeles for work very often. Initially LA is not a place you think of when you go for a bike ride. LA is know more for urban sprawl and bumper to bumper traffic. This is the last place you would imagine as a bike paradise. I was surprised at the amazing rides and roads in and around Los Angeles.

I rented a bike and and was to join a group ride. This toook some time and research. I was able to rent bikes from two difference services during two separate visits. Both were amazing experiences. But I hope to provide this resource to make it much easier for you to ride whenever you want.