Cheap Bikes for 2024

Cheap Bikes for 2024

A quick look at the pre-owned market

The bike industry is having massive markdowns at the moment. Late last year brands like Specialized started slashing prices on bikes to move inventory.

Brands like Canyon were able to move volume, but they had to lose money on some of their transactions. It is tough out there for bike manufacturers.

Prices were sky high for bikes during COVID since there was so much demand. Some brands thought that the new demand was going to be the new norm. They were sadly mistaken. Once COVID restrictions losened up bike demand started to plumment. So now the bike industry has a flood of bikes in invetory that they thought was going to move fast.

These deals are great, but if you want to save a bit more you can look at buying used or pre-owned bikes.

Pre Owned Market

The Pro's Closet

The pre owned market has been moved beyond just the sketchy eBay listings. The Pro's Closet has been around for a while providing pre-owned certified bikes. This means tha they buy the bikes from you and check it to certify that it is good to sell. This takes away the risk involved in buying a bike that ends up being unusable.

The Pro's Closet

Buy Cycle

The Pro's closet has some new competition from a new site called BuyCycle. The have a similar business model as TPC but are based in the UK. Buy Cycle


BikeExchange has been around possibly longer than TPC and are a mox of user sold bikes along with extra bikes from shops. Your can find deals from local shops on BikeExchange. So there is the added benefit of seeing the bike in person.

BikeExchange was one of the rotating sponsors of the Jayco/Mitchelton/BikeExchange racing team owned by Australian Gerry Ryan.

Bike Exchange

Here you can get a Pinarello Dogma from Mike's Bikes in Florida for $14,500 which is $1,000 USD off new price. I guess they are not all cheap.

Pinarello Dogma

Pinarello deal

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