Specialized Propero Helmet

Specialized Propero Helmet

New helmet combines the Evade and Propel for an all around aero helmet

New Helmet from the big S

Just released is a new Specialized Helmet that is said to combine the aerodynamics of the Specialized Evade with the cooling power of the Specialized Propel.

The new helmet is called the Propero and it looks amazing. There is a nice mix of aero styling and vents.

The Helmet is claimed to be 4 watts faster than the Prevail which Specialied says gains you 15 seconds over 40kms if you average 45km/hr.

The best part of the helmet is the $200 USD price which is very reasonable when compared to similar helmets like th Kask Protone which is around $250 to $300 USD.

Specialied Propero

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